Trendy diets for weight loss

“Against” diet Very trendy diets for weight loss: eat two eggs a week for breakfast, one for lunch and half for dinner. Or eat a kilogram of cucumbers for two weeks and then a week do not eat, only drink. This of course, I’m exaggerating. But such diets invented many ingenious. Do you know what vitamins and where they come from? Correctly enter the body with food. Moreover, different vitamins are found in different products in different states.

Imagine, you are depriving yourself of useful substances which should grow your hair, skin renewed, stronger bones and nails. Diet may be the result of not losing weight and hair loss, brittle nails, pale unhealthy complexion. And it is in the best case. At worst is gastritis, ulcers, hospital bed. You – a young girl with no hair, with black eyes, the patient, but on a diet!

Do you know why almost all lovers of starvation diets and recover strongly after the diet? The body shock: do not feed him for a long time, do not give the “building materials” for normal life, so when the hostess finally finishing diet, the body “puts” maximum reserve of nutrients in case of repeated hunger strikes in subcutaneous and visceral fat . Harm and good diets Hence the conclusion: feed yourself regularly and moderately, not pass, do not fast, do not overload the body, then it will just run normally, and you will remain in its natural form.


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