How to remove unwanted toxins and excess body fat

FOR” diet Why, – you say. Diet even doctors prescribe! Who was the doctor, who knows what doctors prescribe diet: eliminate fried, spicy, salty, coffee, alcohol. Well, all right – to be deleted all the stimuli of the gastric mucosa and intestine, “pests” of the liver. Fried hard to digest the stomach, much salty foods or irritates the intestinal mucosa, strong coffee in the morning on an empty stomach nothing but will not bring harm, and if still with a cigarette …

About alcohol generally silent. So, after all exceptions doctors get our menu: light soup, porridge, steam cakes, chicken, bran bread, vegetables, and fruit. What you do not diet? This, incidentally, diet! Moreover, useful in all respects. Light food is well absorbed by the body after it has no weight in the stomach, perfect metabolism. Organism itself with such power will begin displaying the unwanted toxins and excess body fat.

Harm and good diets – There are a nice bonus: When you eat every day in the “light” and the body is not overloaded fight harmful food, if desired, can always afford to eat whatever he wants! Imagine your girlfriend at a birthday cake on a languid sigh, as you can! You’re on the “smart” diet. Remember: you need to eat regularly, fully, easy and delicious. Do you want one or two days unloading? Please! Eat only lean foods: fruits and vegetables can be more effective.


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