Harm and benefits of diets

While cycling may thirst, but fluid intake should be limited – best to take with them not more than 0.5 liters of water. You can add to it a little lemon juice – a “cocktail” is much better than plain water quenches thirst. If you consume water uncontrollably, it will linger in the body, leading to edema and preventing weight loss.

Biking for fat burning has all the useful features that any sports – increases the tone of the body and the immune system, prevents the development of cardiovascular disease, promotes rejuvenation. Therefore, the bike ride is very exciting and useful occupation. Harm and benefits of diets – Tanya sat opposite and, grimacing in disgust and tried to drink some dirty, viscous liquid, similar to wallpaper paste. – Is that you? – I asked. – Protein shake. It swells in the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety.

Is not desirable at all. I’m losing weight! On a diet of the village, will drink in the morning instead of breakfast. Taste muck rare, but they say useful, and you can lose weight quickly. – Oh … – I could only sigh should note that my colleague Tanya, twenty-three years old, very attractive girl with a beautiful figure , almost 90-60-90. Breast outstanding, at her waist, never any wrinkles or oriental dance involved. Well, I ask, why did she lose weight? Where? Dear girl! Why do you do with them is? Not that I’m against diets, but let’s face it.


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