Kilo And 20 Kilo Come A Know What Happened And Take Advantage

Department of Diet and endowed write you about my suffering with obesity and with the diet until I got to the weight I did not dream about him and how returned to obesity is important I am since my childhood and I’m fat This is due to the way the erroneous followed then in our food has been Not healthy at all, and was supported by all kinds and Pepsi and sweets etc. I was not interested in the subject never look and my body that entered the university and saw the bodies of the girls there and important Determined to reduce my weight.

but I did not succeed for two years never to come and I’m a third year and got sick too and show that I have severe anemia and humiliates me the doctor too, saying you view a peacock all this weight and the shape of the body of a girl of this age Lech what night Enroll in the program of the hospital to reduce the weight and the words such affect me very psychologically and actually when my health has improved after taking vitamins journey began the diet of myself without this doctor who humiliates me and you weigh longitudinally was 158 cm, weight 95.

preventing completely all sweets, potato chips and pretzels and Pepsi and eating outside the home and I did not pick up only fruits, vegetables and pick up from normal food prepared by my mother and pick up bread Age and tea with milk without sugar and so on, but moved away from the fat completely with the practice of sport brisk walking for an hour and a half a day and exercises for half an hour exercise in the morning and walking at night and in the half you I practice belly dancing and all this burn calories Too many bringing the total what comes out of my body of calories more than it enters because I do I burn and I was the codification daily diary what ate.


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